Bulgari - Flagship Store 5th Avenue, New York - Facade


Peter Marino Architects

New York, USA


- sqm

Gionata Xerra, Metis Lighting

Located on a prime corner in New York Midtown in the Ground and First Floor of the Crown Building, the Bulgari Boutique represented a landmark in the city. After the lighting project for the Condotti Boutique in Italy and the UK, it was New York’s turn to get illuminated and reveal the refreshed Peter Marino’s vision of the Maison.
The particularity of this boutique was the possibility to work also on the facade, while in the latter Rome and London boutiques this was not allowed due to their superintendent restrictions.
Marino decided to fully grasp this chance and create a statement through the facade. Although most jewelers use the facade for accomodating enclosed showcases while also serving as a visual obstacle versus the interior, here the facade becomes a filter but also a jewel itself being exhibited.

Using a pattern of a brooch that had remained a drawing and never got manufactured, Marino created a mesh, bronze crisscrosses with rosette corners, tight and transparent enough to provoque curiosity.
Integrating light in this unique and extensive surface had been a long process and the central point of the whole project, since this facade in the end became a beacon for the city and a new icon for the brand.
After various ideas and tests, the lighting project included the illumination of every rosette, transforming the complex into a media facade, together with the highlight of the logo fascia.
The realization of the lighting detail included also handling all the technical aspects behind this seemingly minimal gesture: research on the market which led to a development of a bespoke light fitting was the first stop followed by concealing wiring, power supplies, control of each fixture for sinuous light movement, coordination and integration with structural framework.
The result was an elegant interplay of light giving life to the facade as a backdrop for the luminous logo of the Maison. The facade illumination adapts to all the special occasions and events pulsing the brand’s energy.
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