Lighting Design Project Services

Metis Lighting offers a wide range of lighting design services from the concept phase until the construction and quality control stage concerning a lighting scheme or a custom lighting product.

Lighting Design Process

01 Client and architect/interior designer briefing
  • A fundamental stage for every collaboration, be it a lighting design project or a custom product. It is important to agree on the requirements and expectations, defining the scope of lighting design services, concerning both aesthetics and strategic goals
02 Lighting concept
  • Representations to the client and design team of the first ideas of lighting design through various rapresentations: from sketches and schemes, to samples of finishings or fixtures, pictures of lighting tests
03 Preliminary project
  • Preliminary lighting design layouts, sections and elevations and schematic details generated either in CAD or BIM method
  • Preliminary selection of standard lighting fixtures, preliminary lighting design drawings of custom lighting fixtures, light calculations, switching schemes and estimation of power consumption requirements and estimated budget
04 Final project
  • Detailed lighting design layouts, details and specifications generated in CAD or BIM method
  • Lighting fixtures either standard or custom designed have detailed specifications, installation instructions and costs evaluations
  • The lighting design project is complete with switching schemes and suggested scene settings
  • Tender documentation including datasheets, detailed lists of lighting fixtures for order and follow-up for the bidders
05 Construction phase
  • Revisions according to the project updates, on-site inspection visits and assistance
  • Focusing of adjustable lighting fixtures and inspection of control system implementation
06 Post Construction phase
  • Maintenance instructions and general follow-up surveillance
  • Upon request, Metis Lighting offers elaboration of Concept Books in Retail Brands for independent implementation of applied lighting design project onto further case studies and in different geographic areas with dedicated lighting requirements and regulations (Europe, Asia, USA, Middle East)

Lighting design services in BIM method

BIM today represents the new challenge and at the same time the most promising design services and building method of our times. Metis Lighting decided to invest in getting to know this new practice training an internal team of BIM specialists, starting a long period of hard work including 2 pilot projects. Today, Metis Lighting team has reached a consolidated experience and the implementation of a lighting design practice BIM standards by a group of BIM specialists and operators.

Since 2015, there are 2 concluded lighting design projects, and 10 ongoing projects worldwide.


Concept book

Usually when collaborating with Retail brands, upon the completion of the lighting project, the client requests a design tool for permitting its application on different boutiques. This tool provided by Metis Lighting consists in the elaboration of Book of typical details, and criteria for both ceiling and millwork lighting and full specifications of lighting fixtures for applying the implemented Lighting Concept in further layouts and with full compliance with different local regulations.


Custom lighting fixtures

Very often, lighting design services require the development of a lighting fixture with particular technical specifications or aesthetic characteristics for delivering identity, or both, while the customization of a standard product on the market is not enough.

In this case, Metis Lighting can develop bespoke fixtures both upon request of the client/designer and obtaining the specific light effect or performance, providing sketches drawings from Lighting concept until Detail design, for permitting to the manufacturer to create a prototype and later on after approval, generate the conceived fixture.

We have a wide experience in the field, creating custom lighting fixtures for all kind of lighting projects adding identity and enhancing the designer’s vision, collaborating with various light manufacturers, who play an important role in the final result.


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