Flagship Store 5th Avenue
New York


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Luce5

For this important Boutique for the Maison, the revolutionary vision of Peter Marino included also a new concept for the façade. He wanted to invert the commin use of the jewellery stores’ facades, that hinder the visibility versus the inside and alternatively create a tight mesh that enhances the viewer’s curiosity.
For the suggested mesh, Marino got inspired by a Bulgari’s old brooch design and created a large rhomboidal net placing a rose on every intersection. Lighting got integrated on every bronze rose with a radial emission. The complexity of the project lied on also integrating all the wiring and control equipment in order to achieve a widely flexible switching of each rose, as it was a pixel.
Multiple mockups were realized in order to achieve a very elegant and seemingly effortless result that eventually acted as a media façade with endless lighting scenarios and animations together with the colorful illumination of the Logo sign.