Dior Flagship Store New Bond Street, London


Peter Marino Architects

London, UK


1200 sqm

Giuseppe Scuderi

In this flagship store, other than working on the consolidated together with PMA and Dior lighting design concept, the challenge was to produce a strong image standing out in the New Bond Street environment, where all the major brands temples are also located.
The project lasted overall 4 years and occupied a two adjacent typical – externally – English townhouses and it comprises all the Dior world for the first time. From all the Women’s goods, Couture, RTW and accessories, to Dior Homme, Baby Dior, Fine Jewelery and Dior Maison. All the elements enorchestrated in numerous shades of grey, metal, leather and precious wall coverings.

In this atmosphere, lighting had to create levels, layers, focal points and of course make shine all the products in a very distintive but coherent way between the different areas.
Each space has dedicated lighting strategy, lighting fixtures specifications and qualities. The most distinctive element in the various departments of the store is the integration in the numerous millwork, displays, free-standing elements introducing bespoke lighting deails.
The direct light is mostly delivered by downlights with specific lighting performance given the various heights of the ceilings and focusing strategy. In the particular Home Department, with the glass ceiling, lighting is integrated in a bespoke suspended system of metal squares, matching the overlying grid.
Very important art pieces that pervade the space and are therefore illuminated properly, as if there where exhibited in a museum gallery.
Another Dior’s intention for this particular flagship store, was to offer a space not only for shopping but most importantly for staying; an emersive shopping experience. So, light had to deliver more intimate situations and provide more personal spaces, with different light quality and intensity.
In such an extensive space, the lighting project had to serve all the various purposes highlighting each product and create the necessary background for celebrating the Maison’s vision, making complexity seem fluid and legible.
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