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Metis Story

The international Lighting Design company Metis Lighting was founded in 1990 by Marinella Patetta and Claudio Valent in Milan.

They met during the first European Lighting Master in Politecnico di Milano and both worked at the Piero Castiglioni’s practice before deciding to become partners of their own studio.

Metis Lighting ever since has become an International independent lighting design company. The choice of the name is indicating their approach to light.

Metis, in ancient Greek, means “advice, wisdom, counseling”, and this is what Metis Lighting represents.

Initially, Metis Lighting undertook small projects, private residences and small restaurants, creating custom lighting solutions, award winning lamps, as well as an urban lighting scheme for the City of Bergamo, parallel to their activity of lighting fixtures production.

They soon extended their experience in all the fields of lighting design and in the first ten years they succeeded in establishing collaborations with major clients as Credit Suisse, Dolce& Gabbana and Bulgari Hotels.

Today, their client portfolio is enriched with long lasting collaborations with brands in Retail and Hospitality, together with major public Institutions.

The team of designers under the guidance of the founders kept growing, permitting the involvement into more ambitious projects.

At the moment, the lighting design company team counts more than 20 members with rich backgrounds in architecture, industrial, interior and graphic design.

Metis Lighting team is currently working on a broad variety of projects worldwide. Their expertise lies in balancing deep knowledge of lighting technology, materials, standards and regulations, project management dynamics and software knowledge.

At the same time, the key factor is the very clear orientation versus a conscious, sustainable and highly fulfilling project for both the user and client.

From Cuneo, Italy to Doha and New York, from small custom showcase lighting fittings to bridges, and from luxury Retail brands until private residences, Metis Lighting creates unique lighting solutions integrated with the architecture and artefacts collaborating with important architects and interior designers.

The philosophy under each lighting design project and solution is the strong connection with the materials and the meticulous attention on the smallest detail.

Light and material and light as material itself are the important axis around which each gesture is created.

Lighting is a soundtrack for observing and living inside every architecture, highlighting the space’s finishings or creating unique lamps with the intrinsic knowledge of the materials.

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