Dior Chinaworld Beijing


Peter Marino Architects

Beijing, China


850 sqm

Courtesy Dior

Dior Beijing China World Mall boutique is the largest Flagship store in China and the lighting project is one of the most representative for the rest of the stores around the world.

The whole Dior Beijing project by the Peter Marino Architects intended bring a ‘’French style’’ in the heart of China, in order to showcase the brand’s goods in their native backdrop.

Developed in two floors, the store includes all the various brand’s categories: the exclusive world of Dior women’s collections including ready-to-wear, cocktail and eveningwear, accessories, shoes, fine jewelry, timepieces, and a VIP Lounge.

The materials follow the grey dominated palette, shinny, shimmering and mirror finishings and bring out a lush and elegant atmosphere.

A number of carefully curated art and design pieces such as “Siamese Metal 5″ from British sculptor Richard Deacon stands by the stairs in the lobby and the work “Waterwall, Roselyn” by Gregory Ryan, elevate the client’s experience.

Dior Beijing lighting project as implemented after a long collaboration with the brand, it was conceived in an attempt to illuminate in a very concentrated way the products and artwork, recreating a theatrical setup highlighting the main protagonists. Ceiling recessed downlights with significant lighting performance and very narrow optics together with adjustable projectors concealed into ceiling coves provide the main lighting.

All the light sources were LED modules with high color rendition for presenting at their best all the Dior fabrics, colors and beautiful textures of the garments and accessories.

Especially about the Dior accessories, bags and shoes exposed in niches, counters and shelves, are illuminated with integrated light fittings, for both direct and indirect lighting.

This combination of effects and the careful integration of the lighting fixtures allow to the guest to admire the texture and famous manufacture of each Dior element, exposed as a ‘’floating’’ artwork.

Accent lighting is also focused on the various seating areas creating central focal element in the single sales rooms and a point for rest and admire the exposed garments.

The Dior lighting concept was later transformed in a Concept Bible for the development of other smaller stores around the world.

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