Graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1986 she obtains a Master in Lighting Design and after various years of experience in the field, she founds Metis with Claudio Valent in 1990. She is the soul of the studio, omnipresent and with a careful eye on everyone and everything. Her superpower is keeping track of every project, including each lighting detail until its realization in the construction site, while also handling the more extrovert activity of the studio. She has held courses of Industrial and Lighting Design both in Bachelor and Master Level either as a visiting or associate professor, while also giving speeches in various national and international conventions and lighting design workshops. She is a founding member of APIL (Italian Association of Lighting Professionals).

Graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1982 he obtains a Master in Lighting Design and after various years of experience in the field, he founds Metis with Marinella Patetta in 1990. He is the mind of the studio, and even when he is silent, in front of a design challenge he finally comes out with the most original ideas. He enjoys discovering innovative lighting fixtures, manufacturers and accessories, imagining different custom design solutions. He has held courses of Industrial and Lighting Design both in Bachelor and Master Level in Politecnico di Milano and Superior Institute of Design in Milan (ISAD). He is a founding member of APIL (Italian Association of Lighting Professionals).


Mert joined Metis Lighting in early 2023. During his journey in lighting, he enjoys building mockups and visiting different projects worldwide, with a predilection for focus lighting. Actually, he is really passionate about travelling in general, as well as, about art, music and playing with lyrics.

Gloria divides her day between custom solutions for jewelry lighting and identifying the proper ceiling cove lumination in residential projects. Different scales but same precision. If you pass by her desk, the music you will hear is always of Dave Mathews Band. Consistency and talent!
After joining Metis Lighting, nurturing rapidly his passion for lighting, Daniele soon became member of the BIM soldiers group. He works mostly on hospitality projects, from towers to high-end resorts, having a keen eye on the rest of the team, always ready to cheer up the mood.
Gaetana oversees numerous museum, gallery and office lighting projects, skillfully harmonizing strict requirements with refined lighting solutions. She is our research expert, navigating diverse fields from lighting standards and regulations to all products novelties in the market. Beyond the office, she continues her research for beauty, lighting, and exceptional exhibitions around the world.
Luca illuminates retail spaces, from luxurious gems and watches to high fashion apparel. He is a master in sourcing new manufacturers, products, innovative control and management systems. Whether he is travelling for light focus efforts or the creation of award-winning light art installations, he adeptly is able to handle diverse projects with extreme dedication.

A recent and valuable addition to Metis Lighting team, Elena’s efforts are mostly centered on fashion and jewellery projects. Curious and restless researcher of lighting fixtures, she likes to test each new finding, visiting construction sites and mock-ups. Passionate about nature and open-air activities, in her spare time you’ll find her jogging around or taking care of her plants.

Light has always been Alice’s passion in all its forms; either as a colourful sunset or through the lens of photography, or as a design element, she enthusiastically immerses herself in all its forms. Outside of work, she nurtures her curiosity by travelling, playing videogames and watching tv series.
Giulia is fully integrated in numerous hospitality projects. She is a master in visual represenations, either by photoshopping sketches and renderings or by capturing photos of light or by utilizing other intriguing design softwares.
Paolo is our restless warrior! He directs a multitude of projects all simultaneously, effortlessly orchestrating them, keeping all threads with enviable grace. Despite moving between construction sites in Paris and Asia, he maintains unwavering focus and composure. What propels him forward? His boundless passion for the job fuels his relentless drive.

Elias arrived in Milan a few months ago, after years spent in the UK working on large lighting design projects. Extremely passionate about astronomy and sustainability: light pollution and preserving dark skies are his core values. At Metis Lighting, he primarily focuses on large-scale projects that demand thoughtful and conscientious outdoor lighting solutions.

Antonia is an engineer, extremely precise and curious. In addition to handling lighting details and calculations, she takes pride in her involvement with the BIM group, finding it both intriguing and enjoyable—a trait typical of an engineer. When faced with particularly challenging situations, she may resort to speaking in Neapolitan dialect but, rest assured, she will always find a solution.
Eugenia is our ultimate superwoman. She primarily oversees hospitality projects, recently venturing into BIM execution as well. Besides her expertise in lighting details, she serves also as our encyclopaedia of decorative lamps, selecting the perfect lamp to complement any style and atmosphere. Together with her unwavering dedication to work, Eugenia enriches Metis Lighting with her profound passion for art and theater, fueled by her boundless curiosity and sensitivity.
Sofia stands out as one of our top BIM soldiers, specializing in hospitality projects from concept until construction. She is an early bird, demonstrating mastery in Photoshop, seamlessly enhancing any images. Outside of work, she finds solace in listening to the sounds of nature. 
When we say “working on various projects”, Angelo truly embodies this role. He works simultaneously on high-end boutiques in major metropolis, as well as, on exotic resorts under the dark sky. He is another dedicated BIM member, always dressing in black, and we really love it when he brings delicacies from South of Italy.
Roberta initially arrived in Milan with the intention of studying Design, but her encounter with light altered her plans, leading her to pursue a career as a lighting designer. Now she has become a retail lighting expert but her true passion lies in light art. Another peculiarity: she enjoys exploring hidden architecture walking around nature.
Vedrana is our BIM expert, with an extensive experience having worked on many lighting projects through this new method. She is strict on maintaining the team always organized and on target, while sharing her free time travelling around the world or returning to her beloved home in Sarajevo.
Ulku embodies the quiet resilience of our studio. She works simultaneously on high-end retail boutiques, landscape layouts and hotel guestrooms. Ulku can handle nervous wrecking deadlines, while always being positive and concentrated. And when out of Metis Lighting, her curiosity leads her to attend a variety of concerts, from classical music to metal.
If Gherardo isn’t at his desk, you’ll likely find him in our Metis Lab building a mockup, conducting testing or organising samples. Since working mostly on retail projects, he travels often for light focusing, and when he is not, he enjoys embarking on bike trips.
Martino joined the team after meeting Prof. Patetta in a Lighting Design Course. He is passionate about learning and very eager to get involved in any kind of project. From making mockups, to compiling lists of lighting fixtures or climbing ladders around the globe to focus downlights properly, Martino will be there always with a smile.
Giuseppe is our Beppe, the retail lighting expert. He works predominantly on high-end retail boutiques all around the world, focusing most of the lighting fixtures. He is a maniac collector of lighting fixtures samples and mockups, passion which guarantees the best executed details and specifically selected fixture. When out of Metis Lighting, he is a photographer and a rockstar!
Daniela is well-known and highly-valued for her undoubted precision on whatever she handles. She knows every detail of lighting fixtures from their wiring, mounting, installation to focusing, demostrating mastery in detailed drawings and documents. And when the tension is high, she escapes to climb and trek in the Alps.
Recently relocated from Venice to Milan to join Metis Lighting, Francesca is thrilled with her decision. Engaged in Retail and Hospitality projects, she eagerly learns the Metis method. During her leisure time, she enjoys exploring art shows and installations. Milan has proven to be an excellent choice for her!

Driven by intense curiosity, Natalia moved to Milan to study lighting design. Involved in retail and hospitality projects, she follows every detail, from crafting lighting concept sketches to executing light focusing. She spends her time having fun in the Metis Lab, conducting tests and illuminating spaces or looking for cool museums and nice restaurants in Milan.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Stephanie moved from the tropical islands to Milan to study Lighting Design at Politecnico, enriching her experience in architecture and interiors. In Metis Lighting she is mainly involved in retail projects, contributing with a meticolous and attentive dedication to the design of lighting layouts, fine-tuning each intervention with the perfect detail.

Administration and Consultants

Roberta is the administration assistant, managing the rest of the team’s schedules and activities. She knows where, when and how each member of Metis Lighting team travels. She is always up to date on cool concerts and festivals.

Eva is our Administration office assistant. If she is not in the office, you will find her around Milan discovering new places and visiting every Metis Lighting project that newly opened. She’s an enthusiastic reader but most of all she enjoys theatre in all its form.

Elena is the memory of Metis Lighting, since she came on board almost from the beginning. After years as a lighting designer, she now dedicates herself in keeping the Metis team on track. She takes care of all the contracts, negotiations, making sure the job is always carried out at its best. She has an answer to all enquiries, from cooking to interesting Milanese hot spots to explore, and this is why we can’t do without her!

Milanese, designer, Maria is in charge of the studio communication and identity, handling multiple challenges everyday. From projects’ publications, talks, photoshoots, moodboards to interviews, she takes care that the great and valuable work of Metis Lighting is accurately recognized and shared.

Michele is our IT expert, and by all means our saviour. He silently takes care of all hardware and software of the studio, sending us reminders about keeping ourselves safe from any kind of cyber trouble. He remains consistently up-to-date about various gadgets, but his most outstanding skill is resolving and fixing a wide array of issues with a smile.
Rosetta is one of the first members of the studio, so she knows all the stories and trivia. She takes care of the rest of the team, directing the administration office and always has a good advice from daily issues to a good film to watch.
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