Special projects

Metis Lighting has created several initiatives in an attempt to engage people even outside of the industry and the profession, in a more direct or playful way, turning on the lights in surprising ways!

Metis Book

A “blank” notebook to draw, write, remember or to note a shopping list that was first created in the year 2000 as a Christmas gift. Since then, the Metis Book had accompanied our most loving clients. Every year, for the realisation of its cover, we asked the collaboration of an emergent or well-known graphic illustrator, who should give his interpretation to the lighting project theme.

Metis Book 2000 di Francesca Bazzurro / Metis Book 2001 di Julia Binfield /Metis Book 2002 di Giudo Scarabattolo / Metis Book 2004 di Paolo Guidotti / Metis Book 2005 di Michele Fadigati / Metis Book 2006 di Manuela Bertoli / Metis Book 2007 di Franco Matticchio / Metis Book 2008 di Beppe Giacobbe / Metis Book 2009 di Simona Mulazzani / Metis Book 2010 di Francesco Santosuosso

Via Padova è il meglio di Milano

Metis Lighting has participated in a local festival in the neighbourhood of the studio, involving local communities to create and admire light installations, inviting the whole city of Milan to visit.

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