Metis Lighting has participated in various Workshops around the world, in an attempt to raise consciousness about light in various design communities, Universities, Courses, as well as the final users themselves. Usually, the workshops include temporary lighting design installations and participatory on-site studies involving the participants and inhabitants. Those experiences are a fundamental part of the design profession. They provide valuable contact with new talents from various countries, background and cultures, while at the same time, the designer gets to meet with a vast variety of users and see how they interact with light.

Creating a lighting scheme in a very concentrated amount of time, bringing together different members with various backgrounds, education and personalities, and coping with several restrictions or using very restrained resources, finding immediate solutions, while also just speaking only lighting language or through hand gestures is an overall interesting task and provide useful feedback for the regular projects as well.

And most importantly, when a lighting designer has the chance to observe the interaction of people with light gives new ideas and fresh intuitions. At the same time, getting the chance to visit different places reaching different cultures and interpretations of light around the world and this enriches the lighting vocabulary even to a professional lighting designer.

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