Very often, a lighting project requires a lighting fixture with particular technical specifications or aesthetic characteristics for delivering identity, or both, while the customization of a standard product on the market is not enough. In this case, Metis Lighting can develop bespoke fixtures both upon request of the client/designer and obtaining the specific light effect or performance, providing sketches drawings from Lighting concept until Detail design, for permitting to the manufacturer to create prototype and later on after approval, generating the conceived fixture.
We have a wide experience in the field, creating custom lighting fixtures for all kind of lighting projects adding identity and enhancing the designer’s vision, collaborating with various light manufacturers, who play an important role in the final result.

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We believe that the design of a new light fixture always begins from a consideration related to its lighting function. Around the lamps we design the optics, the reflectors, the diffusing devices, lenses in function of the required lighting effect and around these elements we subsequently define the form of the light fixture. When the light fixture is developed for a specific lighting project its form adapts to the architectural or interior design project stylistic elements. In many cases, from the ideas related to this custom-made light fixtures, we develop light fixtures for the mass production. For us, therefore, the design of a light fixture for the market is a natural evolution of the lighting project within an environment. This method allows us to only develop truly innovative projects.

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