Nespresso Boutique & Bar Flagship Store


Parisotto & Formenton

Jumeira Bay, Dubai

Toronto, Canada

470 sqm

Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc

Nespresso entrusted Metis with the development of an extensive Lighting Concept that was applie in several Stores and then became a Bible for the various sales points worldwide. Toronto’s Flagship Boutique was one of the very representative projects in the US.

The Nespresso Boutique is expanded in a large double-height space and includes a Retail area and a Bar, offering a 360 experience to the client. Conjuring the two spaces and achieving a more human and intimate scale despite the significant height was the main challenge for the design.

Parisotto & Formenton used a palette of timber materials and forms in the Bar and Lounge which conferred a warmer atmosphere and visually linked the Ground floor with the full height atrium.

The timber finishing was inserted in a suspension made of slender wooden rods or became a wall cladding with various dimensions coating both the staircase covering curved and straight walls around the Lounge.

Nespresso lighting scheme was concentrated on highlighting the finishings for enhancing the warmth of the timber by grazing light on the suspended rods, as well as integrating light in the wall niches, for illuminated the exhibited products. In the atrium, the main diffuse ambient light is provided by two large round suspensions, while the accent light is given by suspended cylinders.

The Retail zone of the Nespresso Boutique is illuminated based on the consolidated Lighting Concept as elaborated since 2009, setting basic lighting solutions for the integration of light in the millwork and the ceiling downlights.

Customer Care and Cash counters are lit by the Custom designed suspension which became the symbol for all the Nespresso boutiques worldwide. The suspension provided a large amount of diffuse light while the light sources remain completely invisible.

Nespresso Flagship store in Toronto combined two uses of the space, Retail and Bar respecting the architectural peculiarities and at the same time maintaining the basic Identity features of the brand.

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