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Leo Torri

Galleria Protti lies In the historical centre of Trieste and the new architectural and lighting project gave a new life to this urban passage. The building originally accommodated the Assicurazioni Generali Headquarters and was designed in the 1930’s by the famous architect, Marcello Piacentini.

On the Ground floor, Galleria Protti accompanies the pedestrians from Corso Vittorio Emanuele III to the Borsa Square, and at night the new lighting scheme highlights the scale, and value of the space, conveying the monumentality and memory of this passed era.

Parisotto & Formenton undertake the Restoration of this gallery and the Lighting project plays a major role in the final result not only in the evening, but also during the day.

Specific lighting solutions were applied on every different situation along the portico. 

From the entrances, to the gallery, the inner entrances and the more open gallery, lighting underlines all the special features setting rhythm and atmosphere.

The entrances of the gallery are illuminated with high power downlights together with wall washer fixtures on the important mosaics artwork, restored and brought back to their initial grandeur.  On the other hand, the suspended ceilings that were inserted by the architects accommodate indirect light for revealing the height of the space.

Towards the inner part of the Galleria Protti, the existing glass bricks wells of light, are transformed in contemporary skylights with the barrisol technology, providing high illuminance levels and a sense of an absence of ceilings. This lighting gesture reflected on the bright colored marble, result in a very dynamic and active atmosphere. Shielded downlights are also placed in the lighting layout for creating focus on the various shop entrances.

The portico is dominated by the custom suspension developed by Metis that illuminate with soft indirect light while aesthetically fits in the existing architecture.

Behind the overall lighting scheme, a control system permits switching from daytime to evening and late night hours without being too bright and glary, respecting the pedestrians visual perception.

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