Nespresso Nest



Design Metis Lighting

While working on the Nespresso Lighting Concept, the client requested the design of a custom suspension that would become a brand’s symbol.

The shopping experience along with the story telling of the brand in this type of boutiques is as important as the selling of the mere product itself. Decorative lamps are used as complementary lighting elements to the architectural lighting fixtures in order to convey to some spaces a more domestic atmosphere, intimate and warm. Their presence represent a particular attention for the service offered to the clients.

For Nespresso, in collaboration with Parisotto and Formenton Architects, authors of the interior design, Metis elaborated the lighting concept and designed the Nespresso Nest Custom Suspension, positioned over the cashier counter.

Every counter has its own suspension therefore it becomes easily and quickly located. The light of the Nest illuminates in a diffuse way the face of the client and the cashier creating a relaxing and calm atmosphere, leaving a positive memory to the client.

The integration of the LED lighting modules inside the suspension’s profile was made upon different mockups in order to be extremely shielded, letting out light without having the source visible.

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