Protti Suspension

Galleria Protti


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer  Light Contract

A custom suspended lantern was designed for the Galleria Protti project for serving the lighting purpose with a unique design element.

The portico of the building is one of the main characteristics of the architect Piacentini, a master of Italian Rationalism. For this reason, the Parisotto & Formenton imagined a classical, yet contemporary lighting element for illuminating the new intervention.

The custom made suspended lantern looked rather slender with its transparent body, with a luminous core – a diffusing cylinder structure covering an LED fitting.

This seemingly light weight lamp though, had to be adjusted for outdoor use with stainless materials and also mounted with suitable tiges for being able to sustain the renowned wind currents of Trieste, traversing the Galleria Protti.

The Manufacturer of the Custom suspended lantern produced various mockups for approval until arriving to the final product, that satisfied all the design and technical parameters.

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