Peter Marino Architects

Shenyang, China


140 sqm

Courtesy of Celine

Metis Lighting elaborated the lighting scheme for the various selling points of Celine worldwide. The lighting concept was a result of a meticulous study in collaboration with Peter Marino Architects who defined the various material palettes and architectural features.

Metis Lighting after various lighting tests and mockups defined the basic lighting rules to be applied in the different geographic areas always maintaining a lighting quality and consistency of image.

The lighting scheme was composed by ceiling and millwork lighting. Ceiling light is provided both by adjustable downlights and by adjustable projectors mounted inside ceiling coves.

This lighting solution provides high flexibility in the focusing of the fixtures for properly illuminating the Celine garments, shoes and accessories either on hangers or on shelves.

Wall mounted shelves accommodating accessories and shoes integrated linear lighting fixtures for a bright and sophisticated result and eliminated the unpleasant shadows where possible especially on the various leather accessories.

Various mockups were executed for testing the multiple finishings as indicated by the architectural concept and for assuring that the lighting solutions would highlight all the materials properly without reflections or visible inconsistencies.

The Lighting Concept is an interesting task since it requires an extensive analysis of all different situations and versions in which the applied lighting criteria should always guarantee the desired result. This includes different ceiling height conditions, ceiling and millwork details and different local specifications and requirements. All these variables are to be considered and elaborated in order to always foresee the proper lighting solution as already applied on some case studies.

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