Caffè Suspension

Illy Montenapoleone


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Aggiolight

From early in the morning till late in the evening, the counter of the Cafè offers from coffee to drinks and spirits. Consequently, light has to be set up for the different moods. An elegant and minimal design suspension is installed over the red coloured counter combining direct and indirect, dramatic and diffuse light.

A 5meter stainless steel finished beam hangs encloses extremely shielded downlights and a linear diffusing fixture facing upwards. The feasibility of all the various phases of installation of the beam and its components had been studied since the beginning of the design.

Both light effects are switched on at 100% in the morning hours. In the afternoon, the downlights are slightly dimmed down, while the uplight is dimmed at 50% changing the overall atmosphere.

The two different qualities of light can also be managed separately during special events for better fitting the mood of the space.

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