Gallery Suspension

Illy Montenapoleone


Design Metis Lighting – ACPV Architects
Manufacturer Aggiolight

Since the very early Concept phase, ACPV Architects wanted to re-introduce the historical logo of Illy, the intersected minimal drawing of cups and their handles. Initially, this drawing was meant to be a ceiling decoration in the Gallery room.

Later, the drawing became a 3d object, then hanging and containing upwards facing light. 8 rings of 600mm diameter made of satin finish stainless steel are tied together hanging over the central table. The suspension fills the space with soft diffuse light but works together with the ceiling recessed downlights installed behind the rings.

The lighting scenarios are also structured for combining the suspension’s indirect light with the direct light from the ceiling.

Despite the sleek and minimal appearance of the suspension, an extensive coordination process between various disciplines was necessary for seaming together hanging structures and MEP components without clashes.

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