Bulgari Hotel and Resort, Jumeira Bay - Interiors

Meraas Development, Bulgari Hotels

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Dubai, UAE

Hotel, Public Spaces

40.000 sqm

Leo Torri

The Bulgari Hotel and Resort in Dubai was a challenging project including an extensive lighting project from the interiors to the façade.

For the Bulgari brand this project was not just a hotel, but a whole world. It occupies a part of an artificial island, a vast area with mixed use buildings and outdoor spaces: a hotel building with public spaces, private villas and residences with pools, gardens and beaches, a yacht club pavillion along the Marina. This resulted in a big scale intervention with an intense need for identity.

Citerio and Viel architects’ starting point was the brand itself, creating a sort of a necklace composed of single architectural gems, all creating a complex of legible volumes, and highly characterized by iconic elements giving identity.

The lighting’s main gestures were the complete integration with the interior design and architecture, in order to achieve both a sense of privacy and comfort, together with the diffusion of the Bulgari brand indoors and outdoors.

In order to integrate the light as much as possible, many details were studied for ceiling coves highlighting the precious materials – green onyx, teak wood, Paonazzo marble – as well as light fittings in the millwork. All the Bulgari Hotel Dubai lighting fixtures are meticulously glare conscious and light is focused only on materials and several items, creating pleasant and scenografic contrast.

For achieving the celebration of the Bulgari brand throughout all the spaces, custom lighting fixtures were conceived and manufactured based on the symbols of the brand and the iconic pattern created by Peter Marino in the Bulgari Retail boutiques.

The Bulgari ring and star symbol becomes a hanging chandelier, while other symbols become lighting elements, filling the space with lush, conveying its unique character.

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Technical Note

Metis Scope of services included the Outdoor Lighting Concept, the Interior Lighting Concept and Schematic Design and the Custom Lighting Fixtures Concept, Schematic and Detail Design.


AHEAD MEA 2018 – Hotel of the year

PRIX VERSAILLES AWARD 2018 – Hotel in Africa/West Asia

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