Valentino, Via Montenapoleone


David Chipperfield Architects

Milan, Italy


680 sqm

Courtesy Valentino

Valentino lighting concept for the Milan Flagship Store was entrusted on Metis Lighting after the development of the previous Valentino Setup in 2001.

For celebrating the 50 years of the brand, Valentino decided to entrust its new visual identity to the prestigious architectural practice of David Chipperfield. 

The main characteristic of the new flagship store was its organization in a sequence of rooms unveiling the various brand’s products and conveying a domestic atmosphere. Connection and continuity are obtained by the introduction of a marble frame which runs across the low side of all the walls and the full height door openings.

The walls are covered either by a vibrant ‘’curtain-like’’ plaster finishing walls made of plaster or by glass surfaces sandblasted on both sides with multiple reflections.

Valentino lighting project follows the architectural intention by providing grazing light on the pleated wall creating a luminous backdrop behind the various exposition stands and mannequins, and delimiting every space.

Light is also integrated over the glass sandblasted boiserie filling with soft indirect light the white ceiling This effect makes the lower ceiling spaces feel higher.

Custom made adjustable downlights with burnished brass finishing illuminate with direct light all the products and mannequins. Due to the extremely slender dimensions of the shelves and hanging structures made of polished carbon fiber, the products look like ‘’floating’’ in the space.

Returning back to the domestic atmosphere, a layer of warm and gleaming light is introduced with the uniquely crafted chandeliers. Glass optical lenses held together with a brass profile are illuminated by light sources positioned in the center of the suspension and discern numerous reflections around the space.

The module of the chandelier multiplied create the long lantern hung in the center of the walnut staircase which is filled with sparkles.

Valentino design of Chipperfield was a combination of classic style with a view to minimalism, where the only ornament is the juxtaposition of materials rather than the quantity of them. In this case, the integration of few but important architectural lighting details was enough for uplifting the architect’s intention and exposing the brands creations.

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