Treasure Garden Tower, 7th District, Taichung - Facade

CDC Development

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Taichung, Taiwan

Private Residences, Public Spaces

- sqm

Yu-chen Chao, Ming Jia Chen, Chin-ming Chen, Studio Millspace

Treasure Garden Façade lighting represents an ambitious project including sketches, mockups and its final result was highly rewarding. The tower makes part of the rapidly developing 7th District in Taichung, Taiwan, where CItterio Viel architects decided to bring a landmark made of strong Italian design and with a façade lighting project promoting this vision.

Treasure Garden tower accommodates high end residential units, together with several public Spaces, in the Ground Floor and the first two levels.

Externally, the almost 160 meters high tower is composed by three seemingly slender stone covered surfaces, which are also the load bearing elements – and the glass surfaces of the balconies. This architectural gesture is underlined with the Treasure Garden façade lighting design, integrating a fixture in the façade creating blades of light.

The resulting light effect accentuates the verticality of the structure, while the horizontal planes look almost dissolved, adding strength to this new risen structure, creating a new landmark in the Taichung nightscape.

The Treasure Garden façade lighting detail had been introduced in the project from the earliest stages. Later, it went through multiple mockups in laboratory and on-site, in order to ensure the fine result, without reflections, glare and with consistent light quality.

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