Louis Vuitton Flagship Store, Spazio Etoile, Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina

Louis Vuitton

Peter Marino Architects

Rome, Italy


1200 sqm

Stephane Muratet

The Rome Louis Vuitton  lighting Concept was developed by Metis Lighting mainly concentrated on the ceiling lighting scheme.

The new Flagship Store of Louis Vuitton in the heart of the Eternal City was implemented in a famous space bearing memories of star quality and ‘’Dolce vita’’. A historical building, movie theatre from the 70’s, the Cinema Etoile is the container of a significantly wide range of the brand’s creations and Metis lighting is entrusted with the development of the ceiling lighting project.

The overall project was directed by the utterly creative architect and also very familiar with Metis, Peter Marino. His vision was to translate the lush and the travel spirit of the brand’s products into an interior design to deliver these concepts to the guest.

The three-storey space is linked by a spectacular staircase dominating the large elliptical stairwell and integrating a line of light mounted underneath the stairs like a film unfolding step by step.

Peter Marino wanted his own scenographic and glamourous signature making this Flagship store into a place to visit for tasting fashion, design and style.

The Haute Maronquinerie leather products, the famous LV trunks and the entire range of men and women fashion and accessories merchandise are exposed in various shelves and expository elements with integrated light. The ceiling light provides the largest part of the necessary illuminance both on the products, the architectural details and the overall boutique spaces.

Peter Marino required that the ceiling light fittings stayed as concealed as possible, while maintaining the maximum focus flexibility. For this reason, a ceiling recessed cove module was developed mounting inside adjustable projectors permitting a rather extensive focusing, while externally only a ceiling cut is visible.

The finishing of the projectors was coordinated with the various ceiling finishings, going from standard black finishing to custom bronze tones. Indirect lighting was also integrated in the ceiling cut in several areas, providing another layer of light where necessary.

Grazing light coves where inserted on top of the hanging metallic curtains for highlighting the precious mesh.
The other lighting effect is the cove illuminating the elliptical shaped white ceiling portion around the staircase. On the top of the stairwell, a skylight fills the space with daylight during the day and an indirect light cove integrated inside the structure sheds a soft diffusing light layer.

The whole Rome Louis Vuitton lighting scheme was based on refining several ceiling light details, developing also custom designed lighting fixtures when required. The same stood also for the millwork lighting for which Metis designed a significantly small size projector that was integrated inside the showcases.

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Metis Scope of Works: Ceiling lighting scheme

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