Jellyfish invasion, for the festival ‘’Via Padova è il meglio di Milano’’

Via Padova è il meglio di Milano


Milan, Italy

Temporary Exhibition


Leo Torri / Bruno Fiorellino

Metis Lighting’s headquarters is located at the Northeast Milan area, at a suburban context, in Via Padova. This district had been often been on the newspapers and media for ‘’urban guerilla’’ and criminality events. At the same time, the district is also a social case study, being a unique field of cohesion and collaboration between a large variety of communities from different countries of origin and religions. The local movements wanted the district to become more extrovert versus Milan for avoiding the danger of marginalisation but also to ignite a sense of belonging, dignity and pride to the inhabitants. This is the story of the local festival ‘’Via Padova è il meglio di Milano’’ – Via Padova is the best of Milan.

For this Festival and its 2011 edition, Metis Lighting presents its first installation inspired by the function of the given space, and water. The other element to be brought out was the creation of community. These two elements were transformed into a community of animals living in the sea, with jellyfish made of light invading the space, glowing, breathing and dancing.
The jellyfish were made of metal holding structures for umbrellas covered with tulle layers and hiding lighting inside. Metis Lighting’s staff collaborated all together for building the installation, involving also some members of the local community and the overall experience was definitely unique.
Light is designed, built, documented but also entertained even when in a tangible and handmade scale, and this is a notion that the lighting designers need as an inspiration, while the users need as an conscious experience.
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Jellyfish invasion

Milan, Italy