GSK Headquarters


Αntonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Verona, Italy


2400 sqm

Leo torri

The headquarters of this large pharmaceutical company undertook an extensive refurbishment programme and Metis was in charge of the lighting project joining the architect’s vision for fluidity and transparency of the new space. For both the offices and the laboratory the main idea was to create a calm and warm environment with continuity in the views, dissolved boundaries, as well as spatial and visual comfort. Wooden flooring is extended in the area and glass partitions separate the enclosed spaces. Lighting is provided by downlights recessed on the ceiling that ensure the necessary illuminance levels on the offices.
As for the distribution areas and enclosed meeting rooms, light is integrated on the floor following the glass partitions installation detail and illuminate the ceiling. The indirect light creates a bright and comfortable atmosphere while the luminous detail becomes a visual limit of the space. The main meeting room lighting consists of different types of lighting, direct, indirect and grazing effect on the background wall and they create various scenarios for a flexible visual environment depending on the use of the space. On the outside, the meeting room’s covering wall becomes a lighting feature itself with linear light integrated in the wall’s pattern. The entrance staircase and lobby has been the most surprising transformation especially due to the new lighting and dialogue between the light, colour and materials. The existing coffered ceiling accommodates a smaller suspended structure with integrated light, generating a new shape and multiplied through the whole lobby ceiling contributes in a high-tech and contemporary image.
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