Fresnel Chandelier

Bulgari Resort


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Aggiolight

The Custom Fresnel Chandelier was designed for the Bulgari Resort in Dubai for the Yacht Club area, in order to insert a unique feature in the space.

Due to the marine character of the area, Metis suggested the creation of a crystal module resembling the fresnel lenses of the lighthouse. A crystal element was then composed forming a large crystal body held together with two metal profiles that also integrate a linear lighting fixture.

This Custom Fresnel Chandelier had a high aesthetic value, while also discerning light sparkles. And despite the sophisticated and delicate result, this special feature required a deeply meticulous work for identifying the manufacturing method.

The Fresnel module was also used for creating the Bulgari Outdoor Fresnel Lantern, intended for the outdoor areas of the Bulgari Resort in Dubai.

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