Fresnel Lantern

Bulgari Resort


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Aggiolight

The Outdoor Fresnel Custom Lantern was designed as a bespoke feature for the outdoor area of the Dubai Bulgari Hotel.

The Yacht Club located on the edge of the Bulgari artificial island, was conceived by the architects since the first concept as a ship welcoming the real yachts. Upon the request to create a luminous element for the Yacht Club terrace, the first thought was a lighthouse with the distinctive fresnel lamps.

With this thought as the main reference, a single fresnel cast glass element was created and then composed an Outdoor Custom Fresnel lantern, as well as a Custom Fresnel chandelier for the interior, the Yacht Club Members bar.

The production of the fresnel module was very complicated, due to the high temperature which literally melted the first stamp made of fire brick. The manufacturer, Aggiolight moved to a cast iron stamp for the final result, a very delicate glass element, creating a very subtle and sophisticated light.

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