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Sep 29, 2023

Summer waves and sunsets: do you still recall those beautiful moments of pure joy? Autumn is here and although many of us are back tothe office in the city, our minds still travel elsewhere.

Maybe you did not spend your summer holidays at the seaside, but still: is there any stronger link to relax than the feeling of sunlight on our skin and the sound of the sea? And what if the imagination brings us on a boat, in the middle of nowhere, where peace and relaxation are a must? It’s almost the end of the day and you are fascinated by the view of the setting sun…

Designing the artificial light within a yacht interiors in order to enhance the evocative nuances of nature, is not an easy job. After the first yacht our team at Metis Lighting worked on back in 2007, we completed the awards-winner Savannah yacht in 2016, a project that involved the coordination of multiple disciplines while using small light fittings and concealed luminous features. In 2019 we started working on Ferretti’s Custom Line Navetta 30, one of our first projects executed entirely in BIM design method. Here warm dimming technology added value to our already developed skillset. This choice consisted in using extremely shielded light fittings sheding warmer light while dimming down for better fitting the outside sunset hues.

Last year a new Custom Line Navetta 50 was announced and we are happy to be part of this project once again. The yacht is now under construction and ACPV Architects are designing the interiors, while Filippo Salvetti the exteriors. Extensive windows are again one of the main features of the project. The quality of the light fittings will be fundamental for the final result without undesirable reflections permitting to enjoy the outside panorama at its best.

Stay tuned for many more sunsets on the sea, where nature and technology work in tandem for human enjoyment.

Photo Credits

Courtesy of CG Design, Courtesy of Custom Line

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