Luxury private yacht


Exterior Styling: CG Design / Builder: Feadship, De Vries



2.100 sqm - 273' (84m)

Courtesy CG Design

The lighting project of a luxury yacht had as primary goal to guarantee the maximum visual comfort in order to never hinder the magic views of the open sea and sky. Light has to result invisible and the light levels should be balanced between interior and surroundings.
Be it strictly functional light, for guiding the guest throughout the various spaces or light accentuating the interior design features and precious artwork, every lighting solution had to be meticulously integrated and carefully shielded or deeply recessed.
Another challenge of the naval design, other than the restricted dimensions of the light fittings, was not exceeding a certain amount of lighting points and the cables, feeding units along with them.
Of course, also the power absorption was an issue. Those particular conditions where the framework for elaborating a lighting project, with a certain amount of creativity.
The whole process required an extensive collaboration with the interior designers, builders, millworkers, electricians, as well as lighting products manufacturers. Along with them, a several amount of products were customized for achieving the maximum coordination between lighting criteria, interior finishings and high quality construction materials compliant with special marine requirements adequate for extreme conditions.
Each fixture installed came along with maintenance manuals, to be used by the crew on-board on any emergency, or fixture failure.
Behind any millwork with integrated light and small recessed spotlight, there had been a very tedious study, which in the end created a magic environment to sail every sea and condition.
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SHOWBOATS DESIGN AWARDS 2016 – Interior Layout & Design Award – Motor Yacht Above 500GT winner

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