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Jul 1, 2023

Our projects usually have a long lifespan: from the concept phase, along design process and till focusing and from then on, every project begins a life on their own. Last year, Paris was another opportunity to observe the journey of some of Metis Lighting projects, becoming aware of all the complexity behind the apparent simplicity.

However, in November 2022, we embraced a new challenge; working on a temporary installation, which would be on during the 7 days of Milan Fuorisalone 2023. Elle Decor exhibition in Palazzo Bovara is an established habit for the Fuorisalone public. Unlike other years though, it was the first time that this project would include not only an interior designer, Giuliano Andrea Dell’Uva Architetti but also a lighting designer, in an attempt to create an event revolving around light: The Art of Light.

The Metis Lighting team began to approach this new adventure with the same spirit and method as always: curiosity, attention, creativity, despite the significantly little time available. The team says:

We tried to share various qualities of light, by implementing different solutions in each different space: a certain kind of light, with a specific color temperature, resulting in a precise effect and creates a visual and emotional impact. Light can give out positive emotions, enhancing well-being, but also entertain and impress.

The first move was the intuition the intuition of Livia Peraldo Matton, director of  Hearst Magazines and Elle Decor Italia, addressing the importance of light in this installation. However, initially, it was not very clear to the non-lighting-designers. When getting into the process, we were also surprised seeing the team struggling to understand lighting language and qualities that we had in mind.

Everything changed once the realization started. Everyone slowly understood what we were talking about, once they saw it. And It was a surprise for us, as well: we had a whole vision of the project, but managing to realize all the different effects and transmit them to such a large audience reaching different leveles of understanding was a great satisfaction.

Everyone perceived and experienced the light effects differently, often not seeing the complexity behind the project, but that’s the beauty of it: making things look simple is not easy!

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Leo Torri STUDIO; Zoì Katsarou

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