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Dec 23, 2022

It had been long since Metis Lighting team didn’t leave their premises all together on a group trip and more precisely, since 2019.

Through the years and up until the pandemic outbreak, Metis Lighting team used to meet-up organising group trips at least once a year. Art and light events often determined the destination, being a great source of inspiration and a chance for team building. Just to name a few, 2013 drove us to the beautiful Villa Panza (Varese, Italy) accommodating light installations by James Turrel, Dan Flavin and Robert Irwin. 2016 wouldn’t allow us not to visit the majestic intervention by Christo on Lake Iseo, Floating Piers, walking literally on the surface of the lake during sunset.

This year, being able to move a little further, the destination was set differently; since many Metis Lighting projects throughout the years are located in the so called City of Light, the team was off-to Paris. Dior Avenue Montaigne store, Dior Haute Couture Atelier in Rue Goujon, Hermes Sévres flagship store, Bulgari Place Vendôme and a series of other smaller or less recent projects were some of the places visited..

Paris is also a location with inspiring contemporary art installations: how could we miss the new spaces of the Pinault Collection, The Bourse of Commerce, inaugurated two years ago?

Visiting the projects and listening to the narrations by each project manager and team who followed them was of high significance: many of the team members had worked on projects in some cases for years. Every line or schematic detail end up into a furniture with integrated light or an illuminated ceiling. Being part of this process, let alone putting your fingers on the final result in person is what makes our everyday activities meaningful.

A group is made of its members and Metis Lighting is very keen on encouraging team bonding and inspiration; illuminated people illuminate better!

Photo Credits

Metis Lighting 

Cover photo by Leo Torri

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