W Hotel

W Hotel

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

St. Petersburg, Russia

Hotel, Public Spaces

1.933 sqm

Courtesy Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

The new W Hotel in St. Petersburg was developed with a new concept of Hospitality by Citterio Viel architects and a new lighting project sustaining the new vision.

W Hotel was raised replacing a eighteenth century residential building, and while its façade seemed to blend in the traditional context, its interiors were set up to reveal new modern wonders.

In the center of those wonders, lighting played an important role. Sparkles, warmth, reflections and lush were the main ingredients for the overall lighting scheme based on the architect’s inspiration.

The W Hotel Public Spaces are illuminated either with warm tone light, while lighting coves and millwork details shed light on the warm tone finishings. Wooden boiserie, golden glossy metal lamps, a feature sculpture-like wall made of metacrylate by Jacopo Foggini are all illuminated conveying luxury and intimacy.

In the Spa and Pool area, the illumination is predominantly indirect and concentrated on the walls, for avoiding unpleasant glare and establishing a calm atmosphere, while in the Treatment room, a feature decorative lamp discerns shadows for a more playful light scene.

In the Bar-Restaurant area, red colored light details together with the interior design ignite a dialogue between the historical context and its lavish memories from past centuries with the contemporary luxury, enhanced by the view of the golden St. Isaac’s Cathedral dome.

In the Guestrooms, the same playful intention is reflected on a bedside suspension with a sparkling golden effect. Lighting is also integrated in the headboard in golden tone colour temperature and on the curtains.

This Hotel lighting project was highly important in the architect’s storytelling especially because it included visual references and qualities. Reflections, gleaming and enjoyable light effects gave a significant twist in the final result of the overall guest’s experience.

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