Treasure Garden Tower, 7th District, Taichung - Interiors

CDC Development

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Taichung, Taiwan

Private Residences, Public Spaces

5700 sqm

Yu-chen Chao, Ming Jia Chen, Chin-ming Chen

This iconic tower makes part of the rapidly developing 7th District in Taichung, Taiwan, where the architects decided to bring a landmark made of strong Italian design and with a lighting project promoting this vision.
The building accomodates high end residential units, together with several public Spaces, in the Ground Floor and the first two levels.
The diamond shaped pattern covering the facade dominates also the interior design, paying homage to the Italian Masters, from Giò Ponti to Piero Portaluppi. Grazing light on the main architectural element, the high lozenge covered stone walls, reaveals the grandeur of the space and the leitmotif expanded in the rest of the interior design.

The crystal light ribbon unreeled on the ceiling of the Main Lobby completes the lavish atmosphere that receives the guest when entering the building in the Ground Floor. Particular attention has been invested on the absence of glare from all the lighting fixtures, despite being significantly powerful, due to the high ceilings.
The Spa is located in the 2nd Level and one of the main elements is the scenic ceiling feature above the pool. The golden shimmering mosaics covered surface receives cool light from a concealed lighting cove on top, creating the impression of a natural skylight, playing with the guest’s perception.
In the residential units, large portion of the ceiling becomes luminous with indirect lighting coves. The technology used for this first layer of lighting, is dynamic white LED, so that the guest can simulate the cool light temperature early in the morning, and move to warmer colour temperature towards the evening.
Integrating light in the architecture, from the large scale to the millwork details in strong collaboration with the architect, creates the best opportunity to elevate the original vision into a unique space, with sophisticated features and high comfort.
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