Nove Offices, Munich - Facade


Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Munich, Germany


27.500 sqm

Rainer Taepper

The Nove Building became a landmark not only in the city, but also in the workspaces design so far, also due to its innovative interiors and façade lighting project.  Office spaces for 1.300 people, together with generous public spaces compose the building program and lighting was required to provide standard requirements from workspaces, to circulations from prestigious meeting rooms to the underground garage, while also highlighting the stylish grandeur that the architects included in their vision.

In particular, in the Ground floor Public spaces, 23 meters high atriums are articulated around the Offices Core Buildings, and those ‘wells of daylight’ are covered with precious stones and intersected with timber cladded bridges.

Nonetheless, the feeling of this spaces had to evoke intimacy for meetings or waiting areas. For achieving this, the lighting consisted of deeply shielded fixtures, and decorative floor lamps, together with high performance projectors on the top of the atrium, carefully concealed.

The façade lighting of the building was a very particular issue, since it also served for accentuating the 3dimensionality of the 9-floor skyscraper. The façade is fully glazed with external solar shading technology with movable aluminum louvers in the inside of the building.

Gold-bronze anodized aluminum profiles have been applied on the Nove building façade contributing in a sense of lightness and the lighting project consists in illuminating several profiles, accentuating the non-rigid composition. This contributes into creating a design rhythm, enhancing the dynamic perspective especially during night time.

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Technical Note

Green Building Certification
Leed Platinum Certification


German Design Awards 2020
Excellent Architecture Category winner

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