Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Bodrum

Meraas Development

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Bodrum, Turkey

Hotel, Public Spaces

15.000 sqm

Leo Torri / Courtesy Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel lighting project was inspired by the architectural ambition to create a vivid celebration of the territory deeply sewn in the design.

This high end hospitality complex, located in the famous Mediterranean resort in Bodrum, Turkey and the famous Italian architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, expressed the culture and hospitality values at their best.

This concept was applied widely from the selection of the materials both in the built composition and in the interior finishings, but also in the local architecture and cultural references used for the development of the architectural forms and the building program itself.

Mandarin Hotel Lighting was based on the same inspirations: the Mediterranean sunlight with its special characteristics was imperative, both in the interior and outdoor spaces.

In the first case, lighting was carefully integrated for shedding with light all the textures and architectural features, avoiding glare, offering a high visual comfort and revealing the space.

Custom lighting fixtures were developed always with references to local materials and light qualities: shadow, direct light, backlight effect. Artificial skylights or sconces of light were inserted in several points, like corridors or underground areas for obtaining a daylight effect despite being indoors, as a direct communication with the outside landscape.

All the Landscape lighting was designed in order to never hinder the view of the panorama from the building and when the viewpoint moves to the sea versus the building, the volumes are legible but not too bright, keeping the contrasts under control.

The interplay of the contrasts and the manipulation of shadows create a visual background for the guest adding value to the materials used while letting the views being the protagonist in this extensive Mandarin Oriental Bodrum complex, including Hotel guestrooms, residences and a wide range of public spaces indoor and outdoor with dedicated lighting scenes.

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