Dior Atelier PAP Rue Goujon, Paris


barbaritobancel architectes

Paris, France


2690 sqm

Alessandro Chemollo

Developing a workspace lighting project with very particular tasks to be carried out had been both interesting and challenging and Metis Lighting used all the necessary tools for achieving the best result.

Rue Goujon, 17 is the place where Pret à Porter garments are produced every day by the meticulous so-called Petit Mains, the dressmakers of Dior. The place got entirely renovated in 2015 by Barbarito and Bancel Parisian studio, and the intervention consisted in re-organising the spaces and also the workspace lighting, in order to meet the particular needs of the sewing craftsmanship.

The artificial light had to ensure high quality colour rendition, when in absence of daylight, and necessary illuminance levels for comfort when performing such demanding visual tasks as hand-sewing, confronting materials colours or inserting the famously praised details in the garments and accessories of the French Maison.

Apart from the technical aspect, since the space itself represents the brand’s elegance and style, the lighting fixtures had to be adequately incorporated in the design avoiding the mere arranging of regular office lights.

A blend and balance of daylight and artificial light together with architectural details resulted in a high standards workspace lighting system, together with all auxiliary spaces properly illuminated, together with a Representation Dior landmark spaces, for client meetings or presentations of the collections.

From the welcoming sinuous staircase illuminated subtly passing to the tables showered with daylight-artificial light, the main goal is always underlining the elegance of the brand with high quality lighting, more integrated as possible.

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