Luxury Jewelry Suspension

Luxury Jewellery boutique


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Aggiolight

Since the project required the creation of a suspension for avoiding any recessed lighting element on the ceiling, the client required a unique and elegant element that would serve the illumination purposes.
Metis Lighting wanted to create a lighting element that would embody both accent and diffuse lighting, being them fundamental for the proper highlight of jewelry. The inspiration for the shape of the feature came from the main product of the jewelry brand, the watches and their internal winding wheels. The disposition of juxtaposed rings accommodating diffusing light inside their diameter contributed to a more extensive distribution the light in the room.
For the direct light, single cylinders with downlights were mounted on the tangent of the rings, placed right above the counters or freestanding showcases and in random positions maintaining an aesthetic balance in the overall fixture.
The result was a very functional but also delicate suspension that became a unique symbol of the brand and used in different stores worldwide.
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