Mandarin Oriental Hotel


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Light Contract

The Mandarin Custom Lantern was a result of the specific need of the Bodrum Mandarin Oriental Hotel lighting project for a unique decorative element.

More specifically, the main concept of the Guestroom as well as the rest of the Hotel was to enhance the feeling of the rays of direct sunlight which filtered by pergolas, trees or wooden slats projects shadows all around.

In the enclosed areas such as the Guestroom corridor, the idea was to simulate this effect and feeling by using a decorative element where artificial light filtered by the metal mesh projects patterned shadows.

For this reason, a Custom lantern was designed with a bespoke designed mesh and an LED module that passing through discerns delicate shadows.

The Mandarin Custom lantern is also placed in the Guestroom terraces for soft light in the evening.

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