Historical Suspension

Bagatti Valsecchi Museum


Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Light Contract

Working on the Historical Museum lighting project led to the development of a custom suspension with technical innovation while also based on the existing lighting fixtures.

The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum lighting project required an adaptation mainly focused on the lighting, in order to arrive at the museum lighting standards.

At the same time, the intervention should be properly restrained for preserving the historical surroundings.

For this reason, Metis was entrusted with the restoration of the existing decorative suspensions, as well as integrating functional adjustable lighting fixtures, leading to a new custom suspension.

More specifically, the development of the decorative chandeliers, was based on the modification not only of the light source into LED, but most importantly, on rethinking the direction of light.

Small LED tiles are integrated upwards and downwards for respectively indirect light to the ceiling and diffuse light around and under the chandelier, also due to the diffusing glass element.

The result is custom suspension with contemporary light technology inside, illuminating the historical context of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum.

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