Bulgari Hotel

Bulgari Hotels

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Milan, Italy


3.540 sqm

Leo Torri

The Bulgari Hotel in Milan was among the first ‘’design hotels’’ for a unique guest experience and its lighting project arrived at a very high level of customization for elevating the design at its best.

It represents the first from a series of collaborations between the architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, the hotel chain Bulgari Hotels and Metis due to the fruitful result. At the same time, it gave the opportunity to set certain design and lighting solutions that were then included in the later hotels, as well as a number of custom made lighting fixtures, then becoming standard products on the market.

The Design concept was characterized by elegant materials such as black granite, Burmese teak wood, Vicenza stone, all set with meticulous details and a high integration of lighting.

The Bulgari Hotel Reception, Lobby and Restaurant due to the dark toned finishings were lit with a high component of diffused light for balancing the visual contrast and direct light only on the horizontal functional surfaces. Ceiling lighting fixtures over the Reception desk or in the Lobby exhibition area were studied to bound the direct and diffuse light component, being each one separate custom designed lighting devices.

Over the Bar, an oval ceiling feature held downlights for the internal part of the Bar area, while for the Bar counter, concealed adjustable projectors provided light by a set of hanging mirrors.

In the Bulgari Hotel corridor, a linear custom designed fixture introduced a grazing light effect on the stucco and fabric surfaces, permitting the absence of downlights. This gesture defined the space and conveyed continuity and orientation.

The Spa which later became an iconic feature for the Hospitality Design was again lit by grazing light on the Vicenza stone wall from the bottom. Light was integrated in the wall behind the diffusing glass screen of creating a big scale lantern, sheding the space with a soft relaxing light.

For the Milan Bulgari Hotel Guestrooms, Metis Lighting developed a lighting element again integrating multiple light functions: Diffuse light, downward direct light for reading, upwards direct light towards the ceiling. All this series of light by an elegant design element created different atmospheres for a unique accommodation, able to adapt to the guest’s needs.

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