Bulgari Flagship Boutique, Via Condotti


Massimo Adario

Rome, Italy


100 sqm

Courtesy Bulgari

This very particular Bulgari Curiosity Jewelry Boutique, very close to the Bulgari Condotti flagship store in Rome, represents a successful mise en scene of flamboyant and brave design elements and the lighting project exalted the whole result.

The whole Bulgari Curiosity boutique is characterized by a duality expressed along the first room where both materials and colour tones are juxtaposed around an imaginary dividing line. Warm tones and wood on the one side and marble, leather and cooler tones on the other, with lighting integrated in the wall millwork and mirror boiserie through properly specified lighting fixtures in order to express this confrontation.

The central chandeliers in the separate rooms represent the place of union of the space while sheding the necessary ambient light, together with some selected decorative sconces.

Sophisticated showcases accommodate some exclusive jewelry – and not only – pieces of the Bulgari’s long history, and light is integrated with different details each time always concealed for raising the visual experience. Every millwork detail seems to challenge the dimension of light sources that still need to ensure the necessary illuminance levels creating a showcase with almost invisible light bringing out the magic of the artefact.

The whole Bulgari Curiosity store is an homage to the original Old Curiosity Shop established in 1905 from the founder of Bulgari, curious himself for particular objects, arts and technics showcased in an extensive cabinet of curiosities. Lighting’s role was to exhibit all the contemporary curiosities at their best and evoke a magic atmosphere.

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