Brioni Flagship Store, Via Gesu


Park Associati

Milan, Italy


550 sqm

Andrea Martiradonna

Brioni lighting project for the new Flagship store in Milan, was part of an extensive re-design of the store’s location. The space that would accommodate the boutique was the original tailoring shop and offices of the brand, that got ultimately refurbished and illuminated for opening up again to its birth city, Milan.

The brand new Retail area became a showcase of the highly refined and handsome goods of this famous Men’s fashion brand. The showcase was itself a set of neat and graceful details where the materials, marble, dark colored timber and bronze expressed the character of the Brioni’s style.

The Brioni Milan Flagship store spans in 2 floors with separate rooms accommodating the accessories, garments and shoes on various exposition walls, niches and millwork.

Every exposition feature included dedicated light, after a meticulous study of every detail, in an attempt to render the light present but invisible. For succeeding in this task, an extensive study was made for identifying the suitable LED lighting fixture for the various applications in all the millwork.

The ceiling lighting was provided by the integration of the two components of light, diffuse and direct, inside a distinctive design feature: a suspended linear wooden tray running through every different room. This object served as a visual signal for the customer’s orientation, describes the limits of each space and accommodates the lighting fixtures. Ceiling recessed adjustable downlights provide direct light on the goods, together with linear diffuse indirect light.

Concealed integrated light is also inserted in architectural elements like the stairwell internal walls. The emanating light from this feature, together with the handrail lighting provide all the functional staircase illuminance levels, obtaining the original concept of the invisible but present light.

Full height showcases are allocated in the courtyard and the integrated light result in a lantern-like effect.
When a lighting project elaborated properly it its complexity but the result conveys minimalism, it is a great proof of light expertise. Good lighting integrated correctly and provided by the suitable light fittings, becomes another discrete layer over the architectural design.

Since the successful collaboration in Milan, Metis was asked to produce the Brioni lighting concept that would be applied in different boutiques around the world, while also directly designed the lighting in several important sale points like in Brioni Frankfurt, Munich and Rome.

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Frankfurt, Germany

Brioni Flagship Store

Milan, Italy