Barvikha Luxury Village

Mercury Trading Company

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Moscow, Russia

Hotel, Public Spaces

3.625 sqm

Courtesy Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

In the Barvikha district, the new Hotel complex sets a new design landmark being also a pole for relax and gathering, with the adequate lighting project sustaining its use.

The whole synthesis by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel Architects is externally dominated by the wooden finishing. In the interiors, a more differentiated set of materials creates a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Lighting underlines every feature and finishing with a particular attention on the color rendition of the lighting fixtures. Dichroic lamps mounted deeply shielded inside the light fittings highlight the timber boiserie, while glass panels and slate walls are ‘’showered’’ with grazing light.

Other features, such as the fireplace and wine cellar accommodate lighting details as well, becoming interesting focal elements in the space.

A custom made chandelier discerning spectacular lighting effects characterizes the Barvikha Hotel main staircase all around the red cedar timber boiserie. The 8 meter high chandelier follows the oval shape of the staircase and it consists of glass hooks hung each other in continuous chains and held together by an internal metal structure.

In the Barvikha Hotel Spa and Pool area, the atmosphere is extremely soft and relaxed with very restrained direct light. Light is addressed only towards the architectural elements. All slate walls are highlighted by recessed floor grazing light.

The passage between two water walls is lit by ceiling recessed LED grazing light. All luminaires are concealed and perfectly integrated in the architecture, in order to emphasize the materials.

Passing to the Barvikha Hotel dining area, the lighting concept aims at emphasizing the tables and food. Direct light comes from the timber ceiling, by adjustable recessed luminaires. At the same time, light is also integrated in the back of the benches and the glass screens between the tables.

All luminaires mount dichroic lamps and LED, for the best colour rendering and a warm atmosphere. All luminaires are controlled by a remote control system and can be dimmed in order to define different lighting scenes during the day or for special events.

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