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Sep 27, 2021

The best airport in the world is Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar: this is what emerges from Skytrax’s annual ranking of the world’s best airports.

Skytrax is an airline consulting group that every year surveys travelers around the world about efficiency, functionality and comfort.

“Doha’s ascendance coincides with hard work from its flagship airline, Qatar Airways. The Qatari government has invested heavily in both its national carrier and its airport, with pretty spectacular results”, writes CNN travel.

Metis Lighting had the chance to contribute in a subtle but decisive way in the high-quality traveller’s experience inside the Qatar Airways lounges. In 2017, the new Premium Lounges opened their doors to the public after 9-year ambitious project by the ACPV ARCHITECTS.

The integrated architectural and millwork lighting project, as well as a number of unique Custom lighting fixtures designed for meeting both lighting and aesthetical standards of the new Lounges, were developed by Metis Lighting. The main goal of the overall design was to transform a high scale and often anonymous space, into a more accommodating and unique place to stay for enjoying comfort and various spatial qualities. At the same time, orientation was an important issue, together with arranging different lighting layers all through the different Lounges.

The Qatar Airways lounges were designed and illuminated as high-end hospitality facilities, turning the Hamad Airport user experience, from Check-in until catching your flight into a pleasant trip itself.

Each Lounge has a different material palette and consequently dedicated illumination. The various facilities include Check-in desks, Reception, Well-ness Centre and Spa, Retail Stores, Prayer room, seating areas for different moments of the day, VIP zone and High-end Restaurant services.

Vogue provides a detailed insight of what you could expect from the overall airport: “It’s quite the stylish gateway to the skies. For starters, it features a state-of-the-art wellness center with a swimming pool, hydrotherapy tub, gym, squash courts, and a spa that offers anti jet-lag massages as well as facials. Travelers who just want to take a nap before their connection (likely a popular choice, as Hamad is a massive travel hub for European and American travelers looking to reach the Middle East, Asia, and Africa) can rent a private, air-conditioned sleep pod or cabin.

Then there’s the art: walking to your gate you might spy “Lamp Bear” by Urs Fischer, or “Small Lie” by Kaws. (Installations by Maurizio Cattelan, Damian Hirst, and Jenny Holzer are all upcoming.) The architecture, designed by global firm HOK, is meant to represent ocean waves and sand dunes, key landscape traits of Doha itself.

Leo Torri

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