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June 27, 2022

Looking like a bee-hive from the outside, how does this concept develop in the interior?

In the last 2021 newsletter, we presented the much-appreciated Taiwanese skyscraper, designed by ACPV ARCHITECTS studio and illuminated by Metis Lighting. This month, we invite you to explore the interiors of the high-end residential units, where the design story of Bella Vita continues. Our aim is narrating the entire building touching all the different points of view; from the atmospheres resulting from the design, until the details of the materials and from the technical innovations implemented in the construction process to the all the shades of creativity the design team came up with.

The Bella Vita apartments are designed to accommodate private and shared moments and the interior design works well on juxtaposing these two qualities, while also maintaining fluid and pleasant spaces.

Living rooms and dining areas are directly connected within an open space and include some study or more private seating rooms also visually separated by amber glass full-height screens, a direct reference to the façade amber colored glazing.

The living area lighting is provided by shielded downlights accenting on the gathering area, along with a grazing light on the curtain outlining the space shape. Direct light in the kitchen area allows the performance of the various tasks and decorative suspensions introduce moments on the dining table.

The private areas are again illuminated by shielded downlights only where necessary and extensive use of integrated light in the various millwork elements, like the walk-in-closet or the bathroom features. Each light has its role in a very tight lighting plan, providing the maximum visual comfort for the inhabitants.

Bright and dark, direct and diffuse, private and public are principles that blend together for creating a residential environment based on functionality and aesthetics and lighting plays a fundamental role in this game.

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Courtesy Continental Development Corp

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