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Dec 15, 2021

In the rapidly growing 7th District of Taichung, Taiwan, ACPV ARCHITECTS have recently inaugurated La Bella Vita and, few years ago, the Treasure Garden Tower, two examples of how the Milanese architecture studio and the city are somehow blending together luxury and innovative lifestyles.

La Bella Vita is a residential 128-meter-high tower that proposes a new way of luxury living, combining social and private life in a dialogue between Italian aesthetics and Asian way of living.

Observed from the outside, it recalls a bee-hive: the hexagonal façade modules with amber glaze become the distinctive shape of the tower. The concept around this is that life pulses inside this building, people animate the corridors and the elevators going out or coming back in.

Moreover, shared hospitality, wellness and realm facilities are located at the first three floors and dedicated to tenants: a gym, an hammam, a swimming pool, and a restaurant at their use, where they can organize convivial moments among them or invite their acquaintances, following a logic of co-living practices. La Bella Vita in itself is hence prone to a lifestyle that was already introduced by ACPV Architects in the Treasure Garden Tower, where the residential building with significant Public Spaces again available for sharing between inhabitants and their visitors.

The facade lighting, in the attempt to express the juxtaposition of public and private, highlights the ‘’bee-hive’’ modules while leaving the apartments volumes dark and perceived only with a slight accent on the balconies’ slants.

Inside the building, diffuse light in the coffer ceilings convey sharing and focus downlights orientate versus the private parts. Light translates the architectural intention into visual qualities, creating at the same time a magnificent night-scape.

La Bella Vita has been already appreciated, winning the Architecture Masterprize 2021 and the 2021 International Architecture Award.


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