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Sep 29, 2023

What are you longing for, now that we are back to our beloved cities? A sprint of energy or an infuse of relax? Are you walking towards a gym or a spa? 

While there, please notice how much light defines the mood of your experience. After working on several projects of gym and spa facilities we do have some insight to share.

Relaxation is based largely on visual comfort. While lying on a treatment bed in a dark space, any presence of direct-view lighting fixture or glare due to an extremely bright light can become a significant distraction. A good solution on this matter cab be… well-balanced diffuse light.

The Bulgari Hotels in Milan and London follow this principle, with different light scenes coming into place according to the treatment that clients are receiving.

During several procedures the amount of light is high for permiting the Spa staff to work. But when the client wants to relax, the lighting scene changes dosing carefully every light effect. Light control practices, innovative software and programming become of vital importance for creating flexible light output.

In Rome, the Eden Hotel presented the challenge of mitigating the sensation of being underground. We integrated light both in the window overstanding the washbasin, providing functional light to the Staff, and in low millwork elements, like the counter. When the clients relax, the indirect diffuse light is dimmed down and only a low light in the counter remains on.

There are also places where you can choose between an energising experience in the Gym area or a relaxing Spa treatment, like the Winter Garden Building Spa premises in Milan. There you can find light tailored upon the significantly different moods. When exercising, light should transmit a fresh and active mood.

When working out in the Gym, diffuse light comes from large luminous surfaces, recalling a natural skylight effect. On the other hand, when relaxing in the Spa facilities, light becomes soft and discrete, often hidden in ceiling coves or inside millwork items, shelves or counters.

Coordinating light qualities, intensities, direction and the resulting sensation requires mastery and most of all… a lighting designer.

Yu-chen Chao, Ming Jia Chen, Chin-ming Chen
Nial Clutton, Leo Torri

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