Eden Hotel, Rome

Dorchester Collection, JLL

4BI & Associés, Jouin Manku

Rome, Italy


5.500 sqm

Nial Clutton

Getting involved in the big renovation event of the Eden Hotel in Rome providing an advanced new lighting project was a challenge. The hotel since 1800 represents a historic meeting point in the Italian capital. In 2015, 4BI & Associés and Jouin Manku studios were entrusted with the task of renovating the hotel by unifying with elegant balance the classic luxury and the contemporary design.

For the Eden Hotel Lighting project, Metis had to collaborate with both the designers and follow the different visions ensuring a coherent image not only with the common lighting specifications, but also achieving the maximum integration with all interior features.

The Eden Hotel lighting strategy was to provide the necessary illuminance levels for the various tasks while also realizing each designer’s desired atmospheres, rather different one another, with a seamless lighting project.

The Rome Eden Hotel Guestrooms and Public Spaces are designed and coordinated by 4BI & Associés and were mainly characterized by warm colored light and extensive integration both in millwork and ceiling features, evoking the Roman luxury between lustrous finishings, eloquent moldings, decorations and tromp d’oeils.

Spa and Restaurant which are designed by Jouin Manku, the narrative changes into a more contemporary style and consequently a different vocabulary: glass and glossy finishings, an interplay of transparencies and introduction of bespoke features in different materials and colours all in a dialogue with light end up creating surprise and magic atmosphere.

In the Eden Hotel Rooftop Restaurant and Bar, the lighting is carefully shielded for not obstructing the famous panoramic view of the city and Villa Medici gardens, while int the Underground Spa, artificial light recreates a calm and meditative environment, with indirect and integrated light.

Merging light with unique blown glass features makes part of the design of both spaces, playing with ripple effect or conferring luxury and magic in the scenes.

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