Raso IP20



Design Metis Lighting
Manufacturer Fontana Arte

During the Bulgari Hotel in Milan lighting project, and more specifically in the corridor area, the idea was to illuminate the wall with grazing light, introducing a linear lighting fixture on the false ceiling. Creating a grazing light effect makes part of almost every lighting scheme today, also due to the extensive use of the LEDs and the reduced dimensions of such fittings.

In that period, the light sources available were fluorescent and dichroic lamps and the possibility to direct and control the light beam was achieved through reflectors. In order to create a grazing light effect sheding light on the wall extended as mush as possible on the surface in a homogeneous way and without defects that would draw any attention.

Multiple mockups were created for obtaining the desired effect, testing various reflectors for reducing as much as possible the overall dimensions, while at the same time the resulting profile had to be industrialized for extensive use. Linear lighting fixture.

The effect was successful and ever since the lighting fixture became a standard product accompanying several lighting projects until the technology gave a more updated solutions.

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