Save the children Pavillion in EXPO 2015, Milan

Save The Children

Argot ou La Maison Mobile, H+, Arch. Melania Bugiani

Rho, Italy

Temporary Exhibition and Outdoor

745 sqm

Leo Torri

The Save the Children EXPO Pavilion lighting project was developed pro bono as a contribution to the Ong visibility and participation in this international event.

The architectural concept elaborated by Argot ou La Maison Mobile was mainly concentrated in recreating a village environment, an ideal arc, consisted of multiple spaces that the Ong operators would like to have available when working on the field.
Each room accommodates an educational unit for visitors to learn and experience the values that the Ong transfers concerning food and alimentation.

At the same, time the structure of the pavilion itself is a result of a collective construction Workshop using wood and bamboo, and complemented with raw corrugated metal sheet coverings. As for the floor, it was made with concrete and soil, in an attempt to deliver the textures and qualities of the territories where the ong usually operates. On the other hand, the landscape was composed by various plants, heights and colours, in order to welcome but also work as educational material for the Pavilion’s guest.

The lighting followed this modest concept and using adjustable projectors mounted on the sidewalls for providing flexible lighting on the various exhibited material. For adding some general diffused light and conferring a domestic atmosphere, the architects opted for a decorative suspended lamp designed in a collective workshop which were installed in clusters in the various halls. Grazing light on the feature bamboo walls added value to them, while also creating a lantern effect on the outside.
In the outdoor space small fixtures mounted on spikes or wooden poles for illuminating the various layers of plans while being integrated in the scenery.
The lighting scheme was developed in tight collaboration with the iGuzzini lighting manufacturers special sponsors of the project, providing the design team with various lighting samples, contributing in mockups, as in every ordinary lighting project.

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