Pushkin Exhibition Pinacoteca di Brera

Pinacoteca di Brera


Milan, Italy

Temporary Exhibition


Leo Torri

This temporary exhibition in the Brera Museum was dedicated to Pushkin and to a deeper study of the Impressionist painters and Metis was entrusted with the development of a dedicated temporary lighting installation. However, the fact that it would be temporary, didn’t in any way led to any compromise in terms of quality and complexity in the lighting details.
The central lighting gesture was the correct illumination of the paintings and an attempt to reduce the visibility of the lighting fixtures for a better visual experience for the visitor. For obtaining this result, adjustable projectors with halogen dichroic lamps were installed behind the pelmet which is mounted over every painting.

The dichroic lamps offer a high colour rendition, a wide range of light beams for illuminating the painting from a reduced distance and using a dimmer, allows the proper lighting on every art piece.

For enhancing the wayfinding in a very discrete way, a linear LED lighting fixture is mounted on the skirting of the temporary display structure. A similar concealed lighting detail was used for backlighting the text holders of each art piece. Another LED lighting fixture with high performance is mounted deep inside the structure, without being visible to the guest even when seen from above.

The resulting atmosphere was rather evocative, with high contrast enhancing the striking colours and figures of the Impressionist paintings. The balance was obtained by the subtle skirting light and the overall low illuminance levels though being appropriate for a correct observation of the depicted art.

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