Nespresso Boutique Sunjin


GAS Architects

Seoul, South Korea

Retail, Facade

280 sqm

Courtesy Nespresso

The Nespresso Facade lighting scheme for the Sunjin Boutique was one of the few examples that the Retail space was extended also on the Façade of the salespoint.

Metis Lighting in 2009 elaborated an extensive Lighting Concept for all the Nespresso Boutiques worldwide. The Sunjin Boutique in Seoul gave also the opportunity to work on the Façade of the store in a more creative way, always aligned with the aesthetics of the Interior of the Boutique.

The Nespresso façade’s components varied between mesh in front of panel, either plain or covered with another layer of glass and transparent glass portions. The background panels were coloured with brown, beige and orange tones, as a reminiscence of the coffee colour.

The lighting project by Metis consisted in integrating upwards grazing light on the background panels behind the mesh surfaces.

This created a subtle and soft light effect that expressed the different colours of the façade, in an elegant way, and transformed the whole building in a big scale lantern.

Nespresso Facade lighting increased the visibility of the Boutique as a whole, also combined with the illumination of the logo on the one of the background walls on one side, and the luminous logo on the other side. The overall building became itself a landmark of the brand.

Multiple mockups were made for identifying the proper lighting fixture, with the suitable optics and dimension, in order to emit the light being concealed inside the structural detail of the Nespresso Sunjin façade.

The colour rendition and colour temperature of the light was a major issue, in order to convey accurately the warm hues of the façade’s finishings.

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